Quality Cleaning Products That Don’t Have To Cost the Earth.

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Quality Cleaning Products That Don’t Have To Cost the Earth.

Sustainability and waste is one of the biggest challenges we face in the world today. This has never been more apparent since the environmental shift wrought by the coronavirus.

The global lockdown has resulted in improvements to air quality and even the colour of the sky above our heads. While the human toll mounted horrendously from a single case in Wuhan to a global pandemic, nature, it seems, is increasingly able to breathe more easily.

Whether or not the environmental impact of our day to day lives and consumer decisions are altered once this pandemic is over, has yet to be seen. However it’s clear that depleting natural resources and global warming represent a very real and present concern for us all.

We here at Ramon recognise the key role suppliers and manufacturers have in providing a greener future for the generations of tomorrow.

With this in mind we would like to announce the launch of our NEW Eco Mop Bucket. Made from 90% Recycled materials such as plastic plant pots, milk bottles and plastic waste.

This economical 15 Litre  mop bucket complete with large cone wringer, fixed handle and pouring lip provides a sustainable solution for consumers. The bucket and wringer can also be recycled at the end of life, helping to minimise waste which would otherwise ending up in landfill.

Did you know?

This new addition is not the only product with sustainable credentials in our range. For example the brush block used on our colour coded brooms is made from 100% recycled plastic and the majority of our plastic products can be fully recycled and re-purposed at the end of life.

Ramon Hygiene have been an advocate of sustainable products since we first started manufacturing dishcloths over 69 years ago. The traditional cotton cloth and mop are perhaps amongst the most ecological and sustainable cleaning products available on the market to this day.

All of the yarn used for our cotton mops and cloths is manufactured from regenerated textiles. This recycling process prevents tons of textile waste from entering landfill. This also allows for farm land to be put to better use and eliminates the use of additional fertilizers or pes­ticides.

The durability of cotton cloths is also a key consideration when looking to source environmental cleaning products. When cared for correctly a cotton cloth can outlast many alternatives and will still be fit for purpose after hundreds of washes.

Naturally bio-degradable, cotton cloths and mops offer an environmentally friendly solution to essential hygiene practices.

We are continuously working to reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing on our high quality standards of our products and service. Many of our products are available to purchase in bulk, minimising the amount of packaging required. If you have a specific requirement, then please contact your business development manager who will be happy to help.

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