Clean & Sparkle

An attractively packaged ‘value’ range of cleaning products supplied under Ramon Hygiene’s ‘Clean & Sparkle’ brand. Provides quality and value in one range.

All products are price marked at £1. Price marked products often sell faster than equivalent non-price marked packs. This is because they are often perceived as a promotion in their own right.

  • 10 Dishcloths

    Absorbent and durable dishcloths. White cloth with red over lock. Supplied in attractive roll band label under our retail range Clean & Sparkle which offers amazing value.

  • 10 Sponge scourers

    10 Premium Handgrip Sponge Scourers

    Specially shaped for extra grip and nail protection these sponge scourers are great for domestic cleaning and washing up. Do not use abrasive scourer on delicate surfaces.

  • clean and sparkle yellow dusters

    10 Yellow Dusters

    Used for cleaning and polishing surfaces. supplied in an attractive roll pack

  • Clean and Sparkle All Purpose Cloths

    15 All Purpose Cloths

    Can be used wet or dry and are ideal for mopping spills, wiping surfaces or dusting. Supplied in attractive printed bag.

  • Clean & Sparkle Scourers

    16 Scouring Pads

    Ideal for tough cleaning tasks. Supplied in attractive printed price marked packaging under brand of retail cleaning products, Clean & Sparkle. Do not use on non-stick cookware or delicate…

  • Clean & Sparkle Sponge Scourers

    16 Sponge Scourers

    Good quality sponge scourers used for washing dishes and pans. Do not use abrasive scourer on delicate surfaces.

  • dual action microfibre sponge pad

    2 Dual Action Microfibre Sponge Pads

    Combined cleaning power of microfibre on ones side with an abrasive side ideal for heavy duty scrubbing. Perfect for use in the kitchen, use the soft non-stick side to…

  • 3 Large Dishcloths

    Super absorbent and durable. Supplied in attractive roll band label branded under our retail cleaning range Clean & Sparkle. White cloth with blue over locking.

  • 3 Microfibre Cloths

    The cleaning power of microfibre is great for use all around the home as well as general cleaning. The ribbed profile provides extra cleaning performance. Supplied in attractive printed…

  • Clean & Sparkle Cleaning Pads

    4 Cleaning Pads

    Abrasive cleaning pad which is great for washing dishes. Ideal for tough cleaning tasks. Supplied in attractive price marked printed packaging under our retail range of cleaning products, Clean…

  • Clean & Sparkle Copper Scourers

    5 Copper Scourers

    Copper plated mild steel is not as aggressive as galvanised or stainless steel but will still make washing up a breeze as its abrasive properties are ideal for removing…

  • Clean & Sparkle Dishcoths

    5 Dishcloths

    absorbent and durable. Supplied in attractive roll band label. White cloth with red overlocking.


    For limited time only this product is available in a self ready packaging of 12 roll…

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