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These establishments are used by large volumes of the general public daily, therefore it is vital that colour coded cleaning regimes are employed to stop the transmission of harmful bacteria and diseases as well as improving hygiene standards. Here at Ramon Hygiene we supply a large range of products with colour coded options to help each business avoid cross contaminating.


It is important when purchasing cleaning products that the area in which it is being used is considered, for example a standard white dishcloth is ideal for wiping down table tops in restaurants and hotels however a heavier cloth which is much more hard wearing would be more appropriate for bars and pubs due to the daily wear and tear they endure.

Hotel Lobbies and Restaurants often have highly reflective surfaces such as marble and glass, the glass clean kit (complete with a microfibre flat mop and handle to attach) is ideal for such areas. The microfibre sleeve has the ability to remove 99.9% of bacteria with just water and leave a high shine, perfect for cleaning windows, wall tiles, mirrors etc. The kits ergonomic design get the hard to reach areas and reduces cleaning times while still maintaining hygiene standards.

For mopping up spills or wiping surfaces where food is handled our food contact safe non-woven cloths are perfect as the spun lace material allows for durability and absorbency. Supplied in a variety of colour coded options including the new Purple Allergen All Purpose Cloth.


Sweeping the floor is an essential part of any cleaning regime and an important procedure to undertake prior to mopping.

Dust and debris can be brought in by the general public and needs to be removed as it can contain fungus and other harmful bacteria. Our high quality hygiene brooms are manufactured to ‘food safe’ standards therefore can be used in all hospitality environments. The soft bristles help collect even the finer particles.

For large areas with smooth floors such as hotel lobbies, the ‘V’ sweeper is a perfect match. This dust control system with a choice of a cotton or synthetic head that are both machine washable. Collect debris faster than other brooms improving cleaning times.

Sweeping spills in bars, pubs and restaurants with our Food Safe Monobloc hygiene squeegees is no hassle. Designed to remove liquid from surfaces, Its one piece construction reduces the possibility of dirt to collecting in the squeegee, diminishing the transmission of any pathogens that might be found.


Mopping is an integral part of any cleaning regime to ensure a sanitary environment and help to reduce the potential for slip accidents caused by floor contamination. Choosing the correct mop for the desired area of cleaning can be tricky.

Unlike traditional mopping which can only be used on floors. Flat mops can be used in a variety of areas and are great for hard to reach or confined areas, such as stairways, making them great for cleaning hotels. Microfibre flat mopping improves cleanliness and ergonomics for the operative as well as savings through reduced cleaning times and material costs.

Kentucky mops are ideal for cleaning large floor areas as they are great for picking up and laying down liquids. Typically found in hotels and restaurants, the super absorbent and durable mop is available in a variety of weights and materials which are manufactured to meet the CHSA mop standard. This standard guarantees whats on the box, is whats in the box.

Traditional socket mops are perfect for bars and pubs as the relatively low cost and durability make them ideal for cleaning small to medium sized areas.

Smooth floor surfaces can be very dangerous when wet it is important to highlight any potential hazard to customers to avoid any injuries and subsequent legal proceedings.


It is important when cleaning any environment that the user has all of the required equipment with them, when they need it. This will avoid unproductive and costly trips back and forth to the cleaning cupboard. This is why having the correct cleaning trolley for your needs is so important.

Ramon Hygiene can offer a huge selection of trolleys which range from economy to bespoke custom built solutions. The flexibility in design allows the user to compile the exact trolley they need for their individual requirements.

Laundry carts available perfect for carrying clean and dirty linens in hotels.


As UK distributors of TTS products we can supply products such as hand dryers, soap and hand towel dispensers as well as sanitary bins and much more! Helping supply essentials for almost any facility as we can provide special order items such as luggage trolleys and much more. Please ask for more information on how Ramon can assist in retrofitting any hotel or facility.


TTS offer the ability to completely customise trolleys to your specific needs in every trolley range. Magic Art, a range of TTS trolleys are offered, ideal for hospitality environments, with a choice of patterns as well as components and the ability for logos to be added.


Ramon Hygiene Products have a number of sustainable cloths, mops and dusters made from regenerated cotton or 100% cotton making these product bio degradable.



Protecting clothing and hands from contamination in high risk areas as well as hot plates or surfaces  is vital in hospitality. Ramon Hygiene supply a variety of rubber gloves both food safe for use in kitchens and colour coded for janitorial cleaning. Protecting hands from hot surfaces can be done with the etxtra long pocket gloves, complying with the latest regulation requirements of EN 407:2017  extra long length provides greater mobility for the user.


Frequent hand touch sites should be disinfected daily to kill any pathogens. All purpose cloths can be disposed of after use, pair with colour coded trigger spray for disinfection. The opaque bottle holds a measuring unit scale for accurate dilution of solutions.

Optima surface wipes are designed to clean and kill bacteria on hard surfaces. Wipes leave ares safe in 60 seconds with tritex technology and should be disposed of after helping reduce the rusk of cross contamination.

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