For use with the ‘Qwik’ pre soaking system (Velcro), Bucketless Bio cleaning tool and ‘Jet mopping system. Microfibre flat mop heads provide greater performance and durability compared to traditional cotton alternatives.

  • Colour Coded Microfibre Mop Heads

    Offering excellent performance and super absorbent. This colour coded velcro microfibre mop can be washed up to 500 times. Ideal for organisations who adopt colour coded cleaning regimes. Compatible…

  • Disposable Flat Mop

    Disposable flat mop are multi layered cloths. Pierced textured outers help in supplying a flow of movement and also dirt collection. In addition inner layers hold the cleaning fluid. Removing the…

  • Foam Filled Microfibre Mop

    Excellent performance & dirt retention with increased absorbency and competitively priced. Complete with sewn in tags to help prevent against cross contamination.. For use on frames with velcro system.

  • GP Blue Mini Mop

    Microfibre flat mop polyester support for Velcro System. When dry it generates electrostatic charge to the floor, picking all dust. When used damp capillary vacuum force captures dirt and solution. Recommended…

  • GP Glass Mini Mop

    Cleans and dries at once reducing 70% of the traditional costs. Ideal for all washable surfaces: glasses, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramics, laminate.

  • Microsafe Velcro Mop

    For use on non slip safety floors. For use with Bio cleaning tool (970) & velcro mop frame (892GY)

  • Soft Pro Velcro Microfibre Mop

    Suitable for washing or for damp / dry dusting on smooth floors with medium / low dirt. For use on frames with velcro system. Can be used with polishing…

  • White Microfibre Mop Head With Colour Coded Tags

    This super absorbent mop with velcro backing is an ideal choice for cleaning all locations. Complete with colour coded tags, to assist in the prevention of cross contamination. Each mop…