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New Anti-Viral Wipe – Convenient Disinfection For Both Hands & Surfaces

We are often asked what the difference is between antibacterial, sanitising and disinfectant wipes; Which are suitable for hands and which for surfaces? What standards do I need for my wipes? So, we decided to introduce a wipe that does the lot!

Dirteeze Hand & Surface Antiviral Disinfectant Wipes kill bacteria, mould, fungi, and viruses to the highest standards (disinfectant) yet are suitable for hands as well as surfaces. Tested to EN1276, EN16615, EN14476 and proven to kill human strains of the Coronavirus this new antiviral wipe offers the user both convenience and confidence that any bacteria present has been destroyed.

For Hands and Surface

Sanitises and Disinfects in one-easy step

Tested to EN1276, EN16615, EN14476

Dermatologically Tested

Kills Human Coronavirus, Influenza Type A, Sars, Novovirus, Bacteria and Fungi


WIPE SIZE: 20 x 20cm



Q What is the difference between antibacterial, sanitising and disinfectant wipes?

Antibacterial wipes reduce or kill the harmful effects of bacteria, usually on skin, and typically won’t work against viruses and fungi. Cleaning wipes with a main function of for example removing paint or grease will usually include an “antibacterial additive”.

Sanitising wipes are the next level up, typically will include detergent for cleaning as well as disinfectant for bringing down the occurrence and growth of bacteria as well as virus­es and fungi to a safe level.

Disinfecting wipes are the “top level” designed to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. Typically, therefore they are designed for use on non-porous surfaces, and are not suitable for use on hands.


Q So why are Dirteeze Hand & Surface Antiviral Wipes suitable for use on hands and surfaces?

Dirteeze use a formulation that is “PT1” (product type for hands) and “PT2” (product type for surfaces) registered, making them suitable for both. In addition, they are skin patch (dermatologically) tested as safe for use on skin.


Q What are EN1276, EN16615, and EN14476?

EN 1276 is the “basic” standard for testing the liquid squeezed from the wipe to show a minimum kill rate of bacteria only, of 99.9% for common germs.

EN16615 is a Bactericidal and Yeasticidal Rubbing Test (4-Field test) to evaluate effectiveness on non-porous surfaces in medical areas.

EN14476 is a suspension test to evaluate the virucidal activity of disinfectants intended for use in the medical area.

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