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The advantages of professional cleaning are available to everyone thanks to Uni Junior, a combination of technology, ergonomics and efficiency that ensures maximum performance and hygiene.

Uni Junior is a practical, lightweight and highly hygienic semi-professional system that bridges the gap between the traditional mop & bucket to professional systems. This high quality kit features many of the benefits and performance you would expect from TTS professional system but at a fraction of cost. The kit consists of 14 litre bucket with optional colour coded handle, wringer, frame and microfibre mop. This innovative mopping system is ideal for establishments looking to adopt professional standard cleaning procedures at competitive prices. *Handles sold separately

✓ No bending during use to protect back and joint health

✓ No contact with potentially contaminated dirt

✓ The correct weight to ensure proper friction on the floor, effortlessly

✓ The right dampness on the floor for washing, avoiding halos and preventing slippage

Touch Free

Uni Junior ensures a high level of hygiene thanks to the touch-free hooking and unhooking system that allows the flat mop to be easily attached to the frame and then removed without hand contact. Avoiding any direct contact with dirt ensures maximum control of cross-contamination.

A High Tech Solution

Flat mop in white microfibre with green brushed fibre strips with intensive action, polyester support. Yarn: microfibre (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) – Support: polyester

Efficient: the flat mop is attached to the frame in an instant and remains fixed during use
Highest hygiene: microfibre penetrates into the microporosity of the floor, collecting dirt and more than 95% of bacteria
Effective: excellent intensive degreasing action of polyester on dirt without damaging surfaces
Functional: ensures the right dampness on the floor for washing, avoiding halos and preventing slippage
Time-saving: thanks to the large cleaning surface and the possibility of reaching corners and cleaning under furniture


✓ BUTTONS TO DETACH the dirty mop and avoid any contact with dirt

✓ CENTRAL PEDAL for quick opening of the frame during use

✓ MICROFIBRE with brushed fibre strips for intensive action and optimal results even on safety flooring

✓ MICRO FLAPS designed to be fixed to the frame

✓ COLOUR CODED TAB designed to assist against cross contamination

It Improves Efficiency, Facilitates Cleaning

Uni Bucket is a modern design bucket with 14 litre capacity and wringer that combines the advantages of professional wringing with details designed to facilitate semi-professional use: maximum ergonomics and efficiency, while maintaining lightness and resistance. Designed to be used with Uni Junior, it ensures high performance wringing.

The bucket is available with colour coded handle to avoid the risk of cross contamination. For further information please click here. 

✓ Handle holder to attach the handle to the bucket
✓ Snap-in connection to secure the wringer to the bucket
✓ Wide opening for easy filling and emptying
✓ Integrated slides to help and facilitate wringing
✓ Front handle for convenient emptying of the solution

If you would like further information on our Uni Junior mopping system or any Ramon hygiene product then please contact our committed sales team today who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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