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COVID-19 has thrown up many challenges but with restrictions starting to ease we are entering a new phase of the virus and trying to adapt to the “new normal”.

With the hospitality industry now starting to trade again, the main focus of these businesses has been to ensure the safety of staff and patrons. Measures such as hand sanitising stations, social distancing signage and face coverings are now all common place. However it is also essential that these businesses remain welcoming and inclusive for all.

Face coverings are now a vital piece of equipment in the fight against the corona virus.  However it is estimated that face covering are causing communication difficulties among the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or have some form of hearing loss.

People who are deaf and have hearing loss rely heavily on visual clues for effective communication – that includes body language, gestures, facial expression and lip-reading. British sign language (BSL) users also rely heavily on seeing lip patterns as well as facial expressions to understand BSL.

To solve this problem and help to protecting against the spread of the virus we have added transparent mouth visors to our range.

Available now, these innovative transparent visors offer pleasant communication with customers and comfortable to wear for staff. Especially for extended periods of time in warm weather compared to fabric alternatives. Ideal for retail stores, pubs, restaurants hairdressers and hotels.

Adjustable at the ears, transparent, reusable and feature an anti-condensation coating. The perfect face covering for any commercial environment.


CASE: 20 X 10


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