We have an extensive range of janitorial cleaning supplies such as our high range of high quality buckets for use with traditional style cotton, viscose or hygiene socket mops for the professional market.

  • 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket

    Quality mop bucket with large raised cone wringer and offers good durability. The bucket features a pouring lip and dilution marking for ease of use. Complete with a fixed handle…

  • 15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket

    15 litre mop bucket with large raised cone wringer. The bucket features a pouring lip and fixed handle. Available in the 4 hygiene colours this UK made mop bucket is…

  • 20L Rectangular Bucket

    Rectangular bucket with handle, conceived to be used with 40-50 cm floor mops. Ideal for traditional use or pockety mopping system.

    Eco-friendly: completely made of polypropylene, non-rusting, solid and entirely recyclable. Components…

  • 28L Polish Applicator Bucket

    A modern high grade plastic polishing system. Polypropylene bucket with wheels and grey wringer. Graduated in litres and gallons.

  • 34Ltr Two Bucket Mopping System

    34 Litre double bucket mopping system, designed for cleaning medium to large areas. The system incorporates a double bucket providing clean and dirty water separation, this reduces the need for…

  • Gear Press Wringer

    Gear press wringers which fit our MC8088 25Ltr mopping system.

  • Industrial 14Ltr Mop Bucket

    Superb quality mop bucket with raised cone wringer which can withstand vigorous wringing of the mop by the user. This bucket is made completely from plastic and is very strong…

  • Kentucky Gear Press Wringer

    Premium quality, colour coded gear press wringers which fit our ‘RH-PRO’ & ‘ACTION-PRO’ mopping systems.

  • Uni Junior Microfibre Flat Mopping System

    Semi-professional flat mopping system with micro flaps. Ideal for semi-professional high performance cleaning of horizontal and vertical surfaces.

    Handles sold separately. Compatible with any handle with hole with diameter from 18…