Protect the environment and avoid potential trips and slips by containing and clearing any spillages.

  • B-Fly Spillage Kit

    B-Fly is the dust pan with rubber edge and squeegee system. This allows you to lift semi-liquid substances or damp material without leaving traces on the floor. With its light ergonomic structure, the B-Fly is ideal in places where food and semi-humid substances are dropped frequently, such as in bars, restaurants, canteens, hospitals. They can be picked up simply and quickly, allowing the residue to be disposed quickly and also safely.
    The B-Fly has a particular shape which makes it easy to clean however efficient in picking up waste because it adapts perfectly to the floor, in this way the squeegee with the rubber blade can easily convey the residue into the bag. It is sufficient to detach the bag to eliminate the dirt, thus avoiding contact with your hands and unpleasant odours.


  • Drip-Fix Disposable Super-Absorbing Floor Cloth

    The super absorbing polymers inside the cloth transform the liquid into a gel, which is bonded safe without any dripping. Each cloth can absorb approximately 1000ml of water.

    The cloth is easy to use and also provides a quick response to any potential spill where risk of injury could occur. Simply place onto the spillage with the unprinted side down, wait, remove and dispose of it.


  • Optima Absorb 22 Litre Maintenance Spill Response Kit

    Spill kit specifically designed to offer a practical, yet cost effective solution for dealing with small incidental spills and leaks around the workplace. Ideal for use in workshops, on the shop floor or carried on vehicles that transport liquids. Suitable for use inside on spills of non aggresive water based and oil based fluids and mild chemicals.

    The spill kit is supplied in an attractive bag with carry handle for ease of use.

    Large spill kits & bulk packed absorbents are available at special request, ask your local sales representative for more information. 


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