Ramon Proguard Gloves, The Perfect Fit For Your Business!

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Ramon Proguard Gloves, The Perfect Fit For Your Business!

Direct contact with contaminated surfaces whilst cleaning is inevitable and can possess a potential risk to health. Rubber gloves are the obvious solution to this problem as they provide an important barrier & protection, which will reduce the risk of infection and illness.

However with so many variations of Rubber Gloves on the market, it’s not always easy to have the correct PPE options which meet your customer’s needs. With this in mind we have compiled the below list which describes key considerations to ensure you stock the correct gloves for your business.

Protection / Create a Barrier

Professional cleaners are continually exposed to harsh conditions such as cleaning agents or wet environments. Whilst the effects can’t often be seen instantly, over time they can cause significant damage. Wearing a pair of rubber gloves when performing cleaning tasks will provide a vital barrier for your hands, keeping both your skin and nails protected.


Cleaning detergents and in particular washing up liquid can be troublesome as far as slipping is concerned. Gloves provide a better grip which help tackle the task in hand and allow the user to get the job done quicker. They also provide added reassurance and protection should a glass break whilst washing.

Our complete range of gloves feature an anti-slip textured surface on the fingers and palm which ensures optimum grip in both wet and dry conditions. They are ergonomically shaped to suit the contours of the hand and provide the perfect balance between protection and dexterity.


The cleaning professional will be required to wear protective gloves for extended periods throughout their working day, so comfort is of paramount importance. Therefore all of our gloves feature a soft cotton flock lining which not only provides comfort but also helps absorb perspiration, keeping hands cooler for longer.

Cleaning Experience

Cleaning is the act of physically removing germs & dirt from surfaces or objects. As direct contact with contaminated surfaces are inevitable, this possess a potential risk to health. Rubber gloves provide protection for the user and reduces the risk of infection and illness.

Whilst cleaning it’s often necessary to remove items we would rather not touch. Rubber gloves provide you with the confidence to remove these unpleasant items without coming into direct contact with them and provide a more pleasant cleaning experience.

Identify Area of Use

It’s important when specifying a glove that the area of use and duration to be worn is considered. If the gloves are to be worn for a short amount of time, intermittently between tasks, then our Colour Coded gloves are ideal. However if the gloves are to be worn for longer periods or exposed to heavy duty tasks, such as in the foodservice industry, then a thicker more robust glove with a chlorinated finish should be considered. Such as our Premium Catering glove which is certified as food contact safe and a great alternative to a disposable.

An essential criteria for the suitability of a protective glove is that’s it must be appropriate for the risk and conditions where used. This holds particular significance if the user is likely to come into direct contact with hazardous chemicals or substances and so should meet European Standard EN374-3. Ramon Proguard Tough Industrial rubber gloves offer enhanced abrasion protection and are certified to the latest EU regulations. They also feature an extra-long cuff for added protection.


All our gloves are made from natural rubber latex which has been sourced from FSC certified plantations. This helps to reduce pressure on, and promote the restoration and conservation of natural forests.

Perfect Display

Packaging plays an important role in consumer decisions and as valued distributors of our products we appreciate your need to stand out from the crowd. Therefore careful consideration has been made in the development of this new range. Each product is supplied in attractive printed OPP packaging and features a Euro-slot for added display convenience. This holds particular importance for our wholesale and retail customers for which we have launched two new lines. Our Clean-ups branded household gloves offer a competitively priced solution, whereas our Superior Care gloves offer a premium quality, heavier weight alternative.

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