We offer a range of quality handles to fit our comprehensive range of mops, hygiene brooms & frames. An essential tool for any facility cleaning regime.

  • 120cm & 135cm Wooden Broom Handles

    286mm thick broom handle available in two lengths 120cm & 135cm. Each handle is compatible with 13″, 18″ & 24″ wooden broom heads.

  • 120cm Tapered Wooden Handle

    120cm long pine tapered broom handle which is compatible with COCO.12.20 & BBC12.20 wooden brooms.

  • 120cm Wooden Handle

    120cm wooden handle which is compatible with RHP & Swift socket mops & BBCS12.20, COCOS12.20 sweeping brushes.

  • 2 Piece Chrome Handle

    Breaks down into two pieces for easy storage, complete with green molded grip for comfort.

  • Aluminium Colour Coded Handles

    Available in 2 sizes of 120cm & 135cm these good quality aluminium handles complete with screw thread fit both our mop range and also a large selection of brooms. Each handle is supplied with a fitted colour coded grip to help avoid cross contamination.

  • Aluminium Telescopic Handle

    The Aluminium telescopic handle is light and rustproof. Equipped with 2 grey plastic grips to enable a better grip, ergonomics and also avoid direct contact between the operators hands and the aluminium.
    The professional telescopic handle has a double function. It can be used in substitution to the traditional handles. This handle has an advantage to adjust the length according to the operators needs. Furthermore, the insert for the terminal cone enables to use the handle as a telescopic pole for dust collectors, window washers etc.

  • Colour Coded Aluminium Handle With Fitted Kentucky Mop Holder

    135cm Aluminium handle with colour coded grip and also a matching Kentucky mop holder.

  • Plastic Kentucky Mop Holder

    Plastic Kentucky mop holder with compression fitting will accept any handle.

  • Scout Universal Handle Holder

    Holds work tools on the cleaning trolley. The Scout Universal handle holder makes cleaning operations easier as you can be assured to always have you mop or broom with you and will improve productivity as multiple trips to the cleaning cupboard are no longer needed.

  • Wooden Handle With Fitted Mop Holder

    135cm wooden handle fitted with metal Kentucky mop holder clip. Suitable for all Kentucky mops. Not varnished.

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