Sponge scourers are suitable for cleaning most types of surface. Perfect for use in kitchens due to their absorbent and abrasive properties. We offer a wide range of sponge scourers which are ideal for both professional and domestic use.

  • 859.5AB

    Optima Guardian Antibacterial Sponge Scourers

    Antibacterial Sponge Scourers that stay fresher and cleaner for longer! Treated with anti microbial biocides that kills 99.9% of bacteria within the sponge scourer, reducing the risk of cross…

  • hand grip scourers

    Optima Proclean 10 Hand Grip Sponge

    These scourers are shaped with a handgrip to allow optimum comfort for the user. The absorbent sponge is ideal for mopping spills whilst the abrasive fibre is perfect for…

  • sponge scourers

    Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers

    Our absorbent Optima proclean sponge is ideal for the removal of stubborn marks. The sponge is ideal for mopping spills and also cleaning surfaces whilst the abrasive fibre is…

  • colour coded sponge scourers

    Optima Proclean 10 Sponge Scourers

    Colour Coded Sponge Scourers are suitable for any cleaning regime as they are colour coded to minimise the risk of cross contamination. These scourers are shaped with a handgrip…

  • Optima Proclean Jumbo Sponge Scourers

    Perfectly suited for a professional kitchen environment are the optima jumbo sponge scourers. Large surface area increases productivity as well as saving both time and money. The absorbent sponge…

  • Ramon ‘Contract’ 10 Sponge Scourers

    Ideal for commercial kitchens or domestic alike, this good quality and highly absorbent sponge allows the user to clean dishes and wipe up spills with ease.


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