Squeaky Clean

A range of quality products designed to allow both the wholesaler and retailer good margins. Whilst still offering the consumer excellent value for money.

All products are supplied in wholesale inner’s for resale.

  • Squeaky Clean Sponge Scourers

    10 Sponge Scourers

    Good quality sponge scourer used for washing dishes and pans. Do not use abrasive scourer on delicate surfaces.

  • Squeaky Clean Extra Large Dishcloths

    3 Extra Large Knitted Dishcloths

    These extra large dishcloths are suitable for cleaning any surface and will also provide the retailer with good margins and happy customers. The UK made dishcloths offer good quality,…

  • Squeaky Clean Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths

    3 Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths

    Squeaky Clean heavy duty cleaning cloths suitable to clean walls, floors & tiles. Boiled or bleached to refresh. Provides the wholesaler and also retailer with good margins, whilst still…

  • Squeaky Clean Heavy Duty Dish Cloths

    3 Heavy Duty Dishcloths

    These super absorbent and hard wearing cloths are ideal for cleaning walls, floors and many other surfaces. Manufactured in our UK factory you can be assured of a quality…

  • Squeaky Clean Jumbo Soak Up Cloths

    3 Jumbo Soak Up Cloths

    Super absorbent and durable, ideal for cleaning indoors and outdoors. Can be used to clean windows, cars, kitchens and bathroom surfaces without leaving streaks.

  • Squeaky Clean Magic Sponge

    3 Magic Erasers

    Magic erasers have many cleaning applications and work with just water. They will easily remove stubborn stains such as crayon, dirt, scuff marks, soap-scum and much more. Supplied in…

  • Squeaky Clean premium Dish cloths Squeaky Clean premium Dish cloths

    5 Premium Large White Stockinette Dishcloths

    The premium large dishcloth will assure you of repeat sales. The consumer will not want to use an alternative once they experience the superb quality and performance of the…

  • Squeaky Clean Sure Grip Sponge Scourers

    5 Sure Grip Sponge Scourers

    Sure grip sponge scourers have an excellent quality and also has been specially shaped for extra grip and nail protection. The perfect choice for washing dishes and pans. Do…

  • Squeaky Clean White Dishcloths

    5 White Dishcloths

    Manufactured in our UK factory this good quality dishcloth is competitively priced and will provide the wholesaler with a good margin, whilst still providing the consumer with excellent value…

  • 8 Multi Purpose Cloths

    Absorbent cloths which can be used wet or dry. Can be used to clean windows, cars, kitchens and bathroom surfaces.

  • Squeaky Clean White Dishcloths

    8 White Stockinette Dishcloths

    This great value pack of white stockinette dishcloths are absorbent and durable. Simply boil or bleach to refresh and will also provide the wholesaler and retailer good margins, whilst…

  • Squeaky Clean Yellow Dusters

    8 Yellow Dusters

    Used for cleaning and polishing surfaces. supplied in an attractive roll pack

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