Designed for sweeping liquids on smooth & tiled floors. Hygiene squeegees are particularly popular in food manufacturing facilities.

  • Hand Held Monobloc Hygiene Squeegees

    The hand held monobloc mini hygiene squeegee with handle, ideal for removing excess water and debris from surfaces. This squeegee is food safe and also colour coded to assist…

  • Hygiene Squeegees

    Available in 2 sizes and designed for sweeping liquids on smooth & tiled surfaces. Individually bagged and available in 5 colours to help prevent against cross contamination. 

  • Monobloc Hygiene Squeegees

    Premium monobloc hygiene squeegee which are certified as food safe and ideal for removing liquids from surfaces. Colour coded to assist against cross contamination. The one piece construction reduces…

  • Replacement Hygiene Squeegee Blades

    Replacement blades for the RHUK hygiene squeegees