Ethical Trading (Sedex)


Ramon Hygiene recognises the responsibility it shares with its suppliers to buy, manufacture and sell products in an ethical manner. Ramon want customers to be confident that the people who make their products are treated fairly with respect for basic human rights and that they are not exposed to unsafe working conditions. When ethical standards are adhered to, not only do individual workers benefit but productivity and quality also improve.

SEDEX Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains.  Sedex provides practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices and source responsibly.  Using Sedex enables companies to work together to better manage their social and environmental performance, and protect people working in the supply chain. Sedex has over 55,000 members  I in 180 countries, across 35 industry sectors, including food, agriculture, financial services, clothing and apparel, packaging and chemicals.

We are a Sedex Member committed to sourcing responsibly and having an ethical and sustainable supply chain. Using Sedex tools and services helps our business work with our suppliers to ensure they are upholding safe, ethical and sustainable business practices, helping us to protect the working conditions for people within our supply chain.  As a Sedex Member, we are able to map our supply chain, identify higher risk suppliers and request them to have a social ethical audit. We can then work with our suppliers to improve their business practices to create safe working conditions in regions that we source


The EGL Group strongly opposes any form of modern slavery and it is committed to ensuring there is no modern slavery and human trafficking in any part of its business or in its supply chain. You can follow this link for a copy of the latest EGL Group Modern Slavery statement.