A range of good quality to deluxe quality litter pickers ideal for cleaning up discarded waste.

  • Economy Litter Picker / Reaching Aid

    This economy litter picker / reaching aid makes picking up litter and larger objects easy. Helping avoid the need to bend over and also touching wate. This 85cm litter picker…

  • Litter Bag Holder

    Makes litter picking easy as this litter bag holder will hold all waste liners open to allow easy disposal and also removes the risk of ripping open bags whilst collecting…

  • Standard Litter Picker

    The Ramon Hygiene standard litter picker with its simple trigger action and also a moving claw, This allows the user to collect litter without bending or touching the waste.

  • Street Master Deluxe Litter Picker

    The deluxe quality litter picker picks up litter and larger objects easy and avoids the need to bend over. This 82cm litter picker is simple to use with trigger action with …