Redefining the Term ‘Heavy Duty’

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Redefining the Term ‘Heavy Duty’

Ramon Hygiene Products are proud of our manufacturing heritage and have always known that our products offer quality, durability and great value for money. However, we never imagined that customers would still be using the same cloths they purchased over 34 years ago!

Margaret Hamlin from Narborough first discovered a pack of 10 ‘Premium Extra Large Stockinette Dishcloths’ when she started a new job as a science technician back in 1985. She would go on to use these cloths on a daily basis, for all manner of tasks over the years to come.

By simply boiling and bleaching to clean and refresh, Margaret remarkably extended the life of the same pack of cloths for over 30 years.

It’s fair to say that Margaret cared for these cloths and confirmed Ramon’s belief that our products really do provide fantastic value for money and customer satisfaction.

Margaret stated that “Over the years I’ve tried many different alternatives, but no other product could compare with yours” (Ramon’s 3.18.10 cloth). She insists they maintain their shape, feel and performance even after 100’s of washes.

Unfortunately, sooner or later all good things must come to an end.  After 34 years of use, Margaret was down to her last cloth and needed to find a solution. Fortunately, Margaret still had the original Ramon branded bag which the cloths were supplied in all those years ago.

After searching for Ramon on the internet, Margaret could not believe her luck to find out that these cloths were in fact made right on her doorstep, at Ramon Hygiene’s Leicestershire factory based in Thurmaston.

After trying so many alternatives over the years, Margaret felt she had no other option but to come directly to Ramon’s offices to try and replenish her stock.

Quality redefined

Such a story really is a testament to Ramon’s ethos of providing superb quality cleaning supplies. Furthermore, it substantiates the claim that traditional dishcloth are still one of the best value and sustainable products available in the cleaning industry today.

The yarn used for all of Ramon’s UK-made cleaning cloths is produced from regenerated textiles and therefore can be considered very environmentally friendly. All of Ramon’s cloths are cotton rich, making them soft, super absorbent and extremely durable.

As cotton is a natural material the majority of the cloth will biodegrade significantly quicker than synthetic alternatives, adding to its environmental credentials. An ever-increasing concern in the world today.

If you would like further information on Ramon Hygiene’s Products range of textile cloths or any of the other products available then please email: visit our website or telephone 0116 276 1881.

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