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Ramon Hygiene's Commitment to Sustainability: A 26% Reduction in Gas Usage and Innovative Changes to Reduce Plastic Waste

At Ramon Hygiene, we take our commitment to reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint seriously, especially during these difficult times of energy crisis.

As a UK manufacturer, we understand the important role we must play in achieving the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions set out in the climate change act by 2050.

Our products and manufacturing procedures have long been considered environmentally friendly. But in times of difficulty, as we have all experienced with the recent energy crisis. As a business we appreciated that we could be doing more.

As a result, Ramon have invested considerably in our factory to make it significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly, resulting in a 26% reduction in gas usage compared to the previous year and a more comfortable work environment for our staff.

To achieve this, we implemented several innovative measures. Including redirecting previously expelled hot air back into the building to use as a source of heat and replacing windows with more thermally efficient double-glazed solutions. Additionally, we replaced our old gas-fired heating system with a new, more energy-efficient solution, and installed thermo-static controls in 3 out of our 5 buildings to provide greater control and reduce our energy wastage overall. These changes were complemented by a general culture shift, where we encouraged a change of attitude towards energy consumption that has been widely embraced by all our staff.

In addition to these infrastructure improvements, we have also made a series of small changes to our operating procedures, that have resulted in a reduction to our overall carbon footprint.

For instance, we have now replaced all our gas-powered forklift trucks with electric models. But that’s not all. We have recently replaced our shrink wrap used to wrap and send every pallet with an innovative nanofilm solution. Although this change may seem inconsequential, it has significantly reduced the amount of plastic waste produced by the business and delivered to our customers. Previously, the film per average pallet was 481g, but with the new film, it’s just 99g per pallet. This change alone is estimated to save around 10 tons of plastic waste from entering landfills every year. It also has a huge space-saving benefit for our customers when disposing of the wrap.

Spot the difference?

shrink wrap

The image shows the previous amount of plastic wrap used for one pallet against the new, stronger alternative.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency. We are proud of the steps we have taken and will continue to look for new ways to improve our sustainability efforts for the benefit of our business, customers, and the environment.

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