Repeat Order Success

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Repeat Order Success

Karen Dent, Facilities Operations manager at University Hospitals Birmingham along with I R James Associates first introduced the TTS cleaning trolley to the Queen Elizabeth hospital site back in 2009.

Many of the current trolleys to this day are still in very good condition. However after 13 years of extensive use, some were starting to look a little tired and it was time to replace them. As the previous design had been so successful, a simple replenishment of stock with a further order of 100 trollies, was all that was required.

After over a decade of use, demonstrating exceptional value for money it was a simple decision for Karen on who she would approach to replenish the stock.

Carl Kozimor, Marketing & Product Manager for Ramon Hygiene joined Senior Business Development Manager Gordon Mcgregor on a customer visit to find out first hand the benefits of a TTS trolley and how they have passed the test of time.

One of the original trolleys purchased back in 2009. Still in fantastic condition, even after all this time.

When asked what Karen liked most about TTS trollies and why she replied: “They last a really long time, they are really well built. It’s like having a cleaning cupboard on a trolley, you can fit so much on it. There’s everything you need all in one place and away you go, you haven’t got to return back to the cleaning cupboard.

Going back many years, cleaning trolleys where a little bit of an afterthought. With little consideration given to ergonomics and how they are used day to day. We decided we wanted to create a solution that would help the housekeeping staff in their daily tasks and this trolley does exactly that. They can fill up with everything they need. Mops, cloths, buckets, they can hang the wet floor signs and high level dusters. Everything they need is on that trolley and it’s so much easier for them to use.”

Ian James director of I R James Associates explains how the original trolley was developed. ”When the trollies where designed back in 2009, TTS where the only supplier at the time who could provide trollies with draws. The storage capabilities and ability to select different size draws was a real benefit. Not only that but also they were designed so they could not be pulled all the way out, which again was unique at the time and a real plus.”

Certain areas of the hospital such as A&E require cleaning 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Other normal wards would operate on a two shift pattern in the morning and then in the evening, with a rapid response team on standby should they be required. So these trollies are in constant use. Many of the existing stock are still in very good condition which is a real testament to their overall quality and durability.

The new trollies feature hermetic bucket for pre soaked mops and plenty of storage with lockable cupboards for added security.

When asked for the overall opinion of TTS products, it was high praise indeed. “Before we purchased TTS trollies we would have had a standard trolley with a yellow bag on the back and a big gap in the middle and these are just not acceptable within healthcare. The wheels are too small and would jam easily. There are too many gaps for bacteria to breed and that’s another great benefit of a TTS trolley. Every gap is filled and so it’s easier to clean. The wheels make the trolley really easy to move around and ergonomic for the staff.”

The final question placed to Karen was, how would you rate the overall service from placing an order to delivery?

“10 out of 10. Ian always looks after me and I cannot fault the service or product”.

As the sole distributors of TTS products in the UK, Ramon Hygiene Products are able to give our customers the means to custom build, high quality cleaning trollies thus meeting the exact needs of their customers. Offering complete flexibility in design, thanks to the trolleys superior modular system. Designed to include lockable drawers, lids or doors to provide safety as well as security. Produced from a high grade of polypropylene. The trolleys are extremely durable and have smooth surfaces allowing them to be kept clean and hygienic, essential for any healthcare environment.

If you require a professional cleaning trolley for your facility. Then try our new 3D configurator and discover the Magic today.

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