Microsafe Velcro Mop

For use on non slip safety floors. For use with Bio cleaning tool (970) & velcro mop frame (892GY)


Twisted pile material is a mixture 70% N/P Microfiber and 30% Polypropylene. *1N/P Microfiber is made of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide fiber. With stiff polypropylene included. For hard floor use, any contamination and dirt will be brushed with polypropylene during motion they are polished with microfiber at the same time. Which makes an easy and also handy cleaning system. Due to special twisted process, this pile keeps shape to be stable in a long run, it cause less lint comparing to other types of cut pile.

  • Microfibre performance
  • Use for scrubbing , polishing and cleaning
  • It can be used on any wall and floor

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