PY Metal Socket Mop

Our range of PY socket mops which are super absorbent are fitted with our ‘Swift’ easy fit socket which is compatible with most handles, simply push in a wooden handle or create your own thread by screwing in an aluminum handle.



Traditional PY socket mops which are super absorbent are fitted with a metal socket which is compatible with our WDH120 wooden handle.

  • Super Absorbent
  • wooden handles WDH120
  • Made in UK

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110g, 160g, 210g, 263g

Proud members of the CHSA Mop Accreditation Scheme

As members of the CHSA Accreditation Scheme for Cotton Mops we can guarantee the weight, absorbency and cotton content of each of our cotton mops. This guarantee provides assurance to the customer of a consistent and quality product so they can be certain of receiving exactly what they are paying for.

Stock The Right Mop For Your Customers

With so many varieties mop available, its not always easy to know the right one to stock for your customers. To help with your purchasing decisions we have identified the key characteristics and benefits of each type of mop, so you can stock the right product for your business.