White Microfibre Pocket Mop Head

For use on non slip safety floors. For use with Blik Bio cleaning tool (976) &  mop frame (877)


Microfibre flat mop with polyester support and pockets, suitable for indoor washing floors. Pockets allow cleaners to easily and quickly change the mop from one area to the next one, thereby this system is mostly recommended for healthcare cleaning as it reduces the risk of cross-contamination when moving from room to room. Microfiber removes bacteria from the surface, making cleaning more effective and reducing the use of detergents. This is possible thanks to the electrostatic attraction, dissolving stains and then absorbing dirty by capillarity action.

  • Absorbing capacity: 250-300ml
  • Coverage area: 20-25 sqm
  • Washing temperature: max 90°C (200° F)
  • Chemical pH < 11
  • Textile laundry program with pre-rinsing cycle in cold water and normal spin.
  • Do not use softener.
  • Do not use bleach – at high temperature bleach reacts damaging the fiber and reducing the mop span.
  • Tumbling cycle allowed at low temperature.

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