Universal Doorstop With Handle

Door stopper in polypropylene with rubber non-slip edge and also a aluminium 75cm handle.

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Doorstop With Handle

Door stop with handle allows the cleaner to simply wedge the door open whilst cleaning a room. made from high quality polypropylene with rubber non-slip edge attached to a 75cm aluminum handle.

The long handle avoids the need for operative to bend over. Improved ergonomics and reduced chance of injury.

  • Ergonomic: No need of bending thanks to the aluminium inclining handle.
  • Universal: Suitable for any kind of door.
  • Anti-slip: it adheres perfectly on the floor thanks to its rubber non-slip edge.
  • Compact: It is easy to carry on the trolley and takes up minimal space.
  • Quick and easy to place, handy, lightweight

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