Ramon Contract Range

The Ramon ‘Contract’ range of cleaning products, specifically designed for the janitorial and contract cleaning market and provides competitively priced solutions without sacrificing on quality or performance.

  • Ramon ‘Contract’ 10 Scouring Pads

    The ‘Ramon Contract’ fibre scourer is ideal for removing stubborn baked on food and grease from surfaces.


  • Ramon ‘Contract’ 10 Sponge Scourers

    Ideal for commercial kitchens or domestic alike, this good quality and highly absorbent sponge allows the user to clean dishes and wipe up spills with ease.


  • Ramon ‘Contract’ All Purpose Cloths

    The ‘Ramon Contract’ all purpose cloths are absorbent and ideal for mopping up spills, they are semi disposable and can be used for general, wet or dry cleaning.

  • Ramon ‘Contract’ Dishcloths

    Absorbent as well as competitively priced dishcloths, designed for the professional janitorial cleaner. Available with over locking in the 4 hygiene colours, which can help prevent against cross contamination and also identify their area of use for improved cleaning regimes. The cloths can be washed extensively, boiled or bleached to refresh, therefore a very cost efficient solution.

  • Ramon ‘Contract’ General Purpose Microfibre Cloths

    Microfibre cloths clean easily and are more effective than conventional cleaning cloths. The microfibre cloth will leave the surface clean, smear free and will remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. There is no need to use chemicals as they clean with just water making them very environmentally friendly.

    Specifically designed for the contract cleaner, the Ramon Contract microfibre cloth is suitable for use on all surfaces and will remove grease, dust, dirt and bacteria with ease. This good quality cloth is one of the most effective and cost efficient cleaning cloths on the market as it is machine washable up to 400 times.


  • Ramon ‘Contract’ Magic Foam Erasers

    Ramon Contract Erasers are ideal for removing tough stubborn stains such as crayon, dirt, soap scum, limescale and so much more. They are perfect for use on taps, tiles, baths, sinks and stainless steel appliances. They can even be used to remove scuff marks from trainers, car interiors or alloy wheels. The magic eraser really does remove tough stains like magic by only using water.


  • Ramon ‘Contract’ Roll All Purpose Cloths

    Ramon Contract box of all purpose cloths, specifically designed with the professional contract cleaner in mind. Supplied in colour coded box to help minimise the risk of cross contamination. Ideal for general cleaning tasks, this competitive cloth offers good performance, great value and can also be used wet or dry.

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