New Mopping System Feedback

Innovative Mopping System - Request For Feedback

Please take a second to watch the above video and read the benefits opposite. We highly value your opinion and would like to know if you feel this item would be appropriate for your business and customers.

We are currently exploring the potential to introduce a brand new, innovative mopping soloution that offer quick and effective cleaning.

4-layer disposable cleaning mop with microfibers to clean ± 20 m².
Due to the open structure of the cleaning layer, the dirt is absorbed into the absorption layer.
The advanced fixing layer (barrier foil) prevents the frame from contamination.
READY 2 USE = can be used immediately, anywhere!

+ 100% convenient (no washing, no preparation, less logistics)
+ Up to 40% time saving compared to traditional mops
+ Excellent for easy cleaning of small areas
+ State of the art dispenser packaging
+ Excellent cleaning performance
+ Eco-friendly (no washing, less transport, reduced waste water disposal)
+ Money-saving (less labor, no washing costs, less transport)