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More Than Just Products

Customer Support

Our experienced sales team and staff are always happy to assist our distributors with any enquiry.

Free Shipping

Carriage is paid on all orders above £300 in value.

Tailored Solutions

As the only UK distributor of TTS professional cleaning systems we can offer high quality bespoke cleaning solutions.

Large Network

We have a large network of distributors all across the country, so if you are an end user we can put you in touch with your nearest distributor.


Our committed and experienced sales team are happy to provide product training to all our our customers to increase knowledge and aid sales.


We are able to assist our customers with a variety of marketing support, from the production of own label packaging to bespoke promotional flyers.


Our warehousing facility enables us to hold large amounts of stock ready to be shipped on request, which makes us the ideal one stop shop for the janitorial distributor.


As a proud UK manufacturer of cotton based cloths and mops you can be assured of our consistent, quality products.

Bespoke Cleaning Trolleys

As the sole distributors of TTS products in the UK we are able to offer our customers the facility to custom build, high quality cleaning trolleys which will meet the exact requirements of their customers.

The trolleys offer complete flexibility in design thanks to its unique modular system. They can be designed to incorporate lockable drawers, lids or doors to provide safety and security and to fully utilise all of the available space for storage. The trolleys offer hygienic separation between waste and storage to help prevent possible cross contamination.

Manufactured from high grade polypropylene, the trolleys are extremely durable and have smooth surfaces enabling them to be kept clean and hygienic. They are also fully recyclable. Available with standard, outdoor or silent wheels, the trolleys are light and very easy to manoeuvre.