Curve Air Freshener Mango

Introducing the Curve Mango Air Freshener – your eco-friendly, 30-day solution for freshening up any space! Packed with fragrance and designed for versatile placement, it’s perfect for doors, bins, desks, walls, toilets, and even cars. This low VOC air freshener features a clock system with removable date tabs for easy tracking, ensuring timely replacements. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, it’s both easy to install and replace using the sticky back holder. Experience long-lasting freshness with the Curve Mango Air Freshener – the smart, sustainable choice for any environment.

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The 30 day Eco-friendly air freshener that can be fitted any where! Easy to install and replace. Clock system. Can be placed anywhere. Low in VOC’s.

  • Full of fragrance
  • Can be placed just about anywhere (doors, bins, desks, walls, toilets and even in the car!)
  • Low in Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Clock system with date tabs that can be removed on install so you know when to change
  • 100% recyclable plastic
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Installed using sticky back plastic holder

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