Covid19 Stock Update

Ramon Hygiene Products Covid-19 Procedure Update

Whilst the outcome of this pandemic is unpredictable, we want to reassure you that we have acknowledged the risks associated with COVID-19 and we are as prepared as we can be to protect our staff, serve our customers, and continue to operate as effectively as possible.


As a business we have taken several decisions and actions to support business continuity:



We continue to monitor and respond appropriately to the guidance provided by the Government to ensure we are following all recommendations. This has already led to staff with symptoms and pre-existing health conditions self-isolating. Whilst our offices and warehouses will remain open in order to maintain service to you, staff who can work from home will be asked to do so. Provisions have been made for employees principally in our manufacturing and warehouses who cannot work from home, to ensure social distancing is adopted throughout the business.


To reduce the chance of exposure to our staff and customers we have requested that all meetings are now undertaken over conference or video calls and we have placed restrictions on all non-essential visitors to our offices and warehouses.


In line with government guidelines our full Covid 19 risk assessment can be found here.




Some of our stock lines are running low due to the unprecedented demand and whilst we actively managing our stock, some lines will inevitably be depleted earlier than expected. Unfortunately, we are also expecting extended delays on replenishment stock and raw material.


We are liaising with suppliers daily to ensure that we have the latest information regarding supply and affected stock lines. We understand that many of these lines are business critical and our priority remains to manage our stock flow and deliveries to you as efficiently as possible.


In order to ensure we protect stock levels; volumes will be restricted to “Business as Usual” levels.  Any orders that are above “business as usual” volumes will not be accepted or put on back order at this time.  Should we be out of stock and the order is within “business as usual” volumes, then these orders will be accepted, placed on back order and fulfilled as soon as the stock becomes available.


We are finding that some customers have either temporarily closed or are making alternative delivery arrangements, which may mean that products cannot be delivered.

Therefore, could you please get in touch if this is the case, and you would like to either make alternative delivery arrangements or cancel your delivery. To do this please contact your account manager, call on 0116 2747123 or email


We appreciate that communication with all of our customers is vital, now more than ever. With this in mind we have created this temporary web page which will provide regular updates as to our current product availability for depleted lines.


 We will continue to share all updates with you as the situation progresses and we would like to thank you for your patience, support and hope that you and your employees remain safe during this challenging time.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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