Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen

Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen

This Optima Proclean Urinal Trough is an effective solution for eliminating urinal odour. Freshening the urinal by gradually realising fragrance over 30 days. The mat has protrusions on both sides which will reduce splash back by 95% and allows it to be placed in the urinal anyway up for added convenience. The trough features a date “clock system” in which you remove the corresponding tabs on instalment, so you then know when it is due to be changed. As well as releasing fragrance the urinal mat also releases billions of odour controlling bacteria and will guard the drainage system from any discarded debris.

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Nothing is better at tackling trough urinal odour than the Optima Proclean screen, Mango fragrance and designed to reduce splash back. Perfect for pubs and clubs

  • Highly fragranced
  • Double sided (can go in the urinal anyway up without losing benefits)
  • 5x more fragrance than competing urinal screens
  • Surface protrusions reduce splash back by up to 95%
  • Low VOC (Europe compliant)
  • ‘Clock system’ to show when to change
  • 100% recyclable
  • Safe for use in both standard and waterless urinals

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