PAL - Surface Wipes

Paltech wipes are ideal for use within industrial sectors. They provide advanced hygiene and disinfection quickly and efficiently. The range includes products that are suitable for use on hard surfaces.

  • PALTECH Antibacterial Wipes

    For the removal of grease and dirt form both skin and surfaces. The specially developed formula is kind on skin, containing moisturisers and vitamin E. Also contains a surfactant to help lift dirt

    Currently Not Available

  • PALTECH Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes

    Removing grease as well as dirt from a range of surfaces. Easy to move around the robust bucket contains 200 wipes with an innovative solution. Highly effective against paint, silicone, grease, ink and also grime etc.

  • PALTECH Dry Cloths

    Paltech dry cloths are designed to absorb liquids and also wipe clean wet surfaces. The cloth can hold up to 4 times its own weight and is great for buffing surfaces.

  • PALTECH Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes

    Removes grease and grime from glass, tiles and also stainless steel with ease. Low linting and the solution leaves a surface streak free.

  • PALTECH Multi Surface Wipes

    Small and compact for easy storage and ideal for less heavy duty cleaning applications, such as cleaning of office equipment. Ideal for VDU’s, phones & PPE such as face masks and workware.

    Currently Not Available

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