‘Jet’ Mopping System

A complete self contained colour coded microfibre mopping system for maintenance and disinfection of hard floors. Fast mop change with minimal bending and reduces cleaning times by up to 50% reducing labour costs and improving productivity.

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The Jet mopping system offers a cheaper alternative to the ‘Bucketless Bio’ Cleaning Tool. The ‘Jet’ is an innovative new handle with built in water tank.

The water tank is easy to fill and by pushing the button on the top of the handle, it ensures only the correct amount of cleaning solution is applied for the job in hand, therefore reducing waste solution. The system is so easy to use that it requires no training.

  • Faster Cleaning
  • Reduction of chemical & water usage
  • Removes the need for operative to bend


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  • Colour Coded Microfibre Mop Heads

    Offering an excellent performance and also super absorbent is our colour coded microfibre mop. This good quality velcro mop can be washed up to 500 times. Ideal for organisations who adopt colour coded cleaning regimes.  Compatible with all velcro frames.
  • Disposable Flat Mop

    Disposable flat mop are multi layered cloths. Pierced textured outers help in supplying a flow of movement and also dirt collection. In addition inner layers hold the cleaning fluid. Removing the risk of contamination by limiting the use to one cloth per room.
  • Foam Filled Microfibre Mop

    Excellent performance & dirt retention with increased absorbency and competitively priced. Complete with sewn in tags to help prevent against cross contamination.. For use on frames with velcro system.
  • Velcro flat mopping frame

    Velcro Mop Frame

    High quality velcro frame and plastic disks for mops. Equipped with Block system to clean ceilings and walls. It can be switched on/off with the foot, no bending necessary. Its 360° articulated joint allows the operator to move it quite easily, reaching even portions of floor under furniture. The universal ring allows the use of any handle with a diameter ranging from 18 to 23 mm.

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