Ramon Retail range

An attractively packaged premium range of the most popular cleaning products for the wholesale and retail market.

From dishcloths and dusters to sponges and scourers.

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  • 6-Roll pack Ramon Microfibre Cloths

    6 Ramon microfibre cloths in assorted colours, Blue, Pink and Yellow. Perfect for use around the home or to clean your car. Removes grease, dust and dirt with ease. Cleans glass and mirrors to smear free shine. No need for chemicals, Cleans using just water and can be used both wet or dry but for best results used damp.
  • general purpose sponge

    General Purpose Sponge

    Our general purpose sponge can be used anywhere, they are highly absorbent and are perfect for cleaning cars, dishes, taps, sinks, bathrooms and many more places. Individually wrapped with label insert and packed 6 to a polythene outer. 
  • Ramon ‘Quickwipe’ Large White Dishcloth

    The Quickwipe dishcloth is supplied in an attractive flow wrap pack. Absorbent and durable and to refresh the cloth it can be machine washed, boiled or bleached.
  • Ramon Large Premium Check Tea Towel

    In assorted colours, this premium checked tea towel is supplied in an attractive flow wrapped pack. The quality cotton is soft and absorbent.
  • Ramon Microfibre Glass Clean System Cloths

    The two step microfibre cleaning system work by using the one blue cloth to be used damp to remove excess dirt, grime and stubborn marks. Whilst the surface is still damp use the green glass polishing cloth to wipe the surface to a high shine. For a smear free finish and ideal for use around the home or on the car.
  • Ramon Multi-Purpose cloths

    Wipe all surfaces clean and dry with our multi-purpose cloths. Available in assorted colours and supplied in an attractive flow wrap pack. They are super absorbent and durable. Can be used for both wet or dry use.